Tuesday, March 17, 2009

the housing crisis.

Here is the story of the long, hard, and educating housing crisis...almost.

I could say it all began at the beginning of the year. Hilary and i decided that we are living with each other forever, and we became really good friends with the two girls across the hall. We became good friends with some other girls in our floor and so when the end of January hit and we had to come up with something we didn't know what to do...
One day, doing our visiting teaching (*here's my plug for visiting teaching...i'm the coordinator.) we were talking about housing and the girl we visit teach was like "Hey-we need two more girls with us, you guys are more then welcome!" Dude! We were stoked! They had a place all figured out, we get along with the girls great, and it just seemed to be perfect....now it was just decision making time. Do we go with our best friends or with these other girls? The other girls seemed to be working out so much better. Well- we were walking back from dinner one day and i told her it was time to make our final decision. She said, "Ashley, let's pray." i figured we would just go back to our room because we were almost there. Nope.
Hilary: "Stop right here. Come stand over here."
Ashley: "Here?!"
Hilary: "Yeah..we'll just pray right here in these bushes."
Ashley: "Okay.." (shrugs shoulders)
Hilary: ....Praying
(snickering in the background)
We both look up and right as Hilary was saying the names of the girls we wanted to live with two of them walked by. The prayer was ended right then because if that wasn't enough of an answer we didn't know what was! hahaha
So we all went to sign contracts...a little ghetto but inside was great! We thought everything was taken care of..... YEAH RIGHT.
Two months pass.
After many phone calls, upset parents, worried daughters, discussions with management and other apartment shopping we found a new place.
Close to campus, lots of storage, dishwasher, pool.
What more could a college girl want, right?


Lisa said...

I'm sure the housing thing will turn out just fine. Your new place sounds great! I wonder if it's one of the apartments I lived in- Arcadia or Liberty Square?

Oh, and don't hesitate to pray anytime. One of my most frequent spots was right outside the testing center :^)

Vicki said...

oh Ash, you have the cutest college stories ever.