Wednesday, January 28, 2009

still here.

hello everyone. yes, i am sure you have all been very concerned due to the lack of my blogging. No worries, i am still here, busier than ever. My first semester in college ended up nicely. Well, it was nice to have it over with! i've come to realize though that until i graduate i will never be all caught up in my homework or reading no matter how hard i try! Many of you would be surprised that i am not such a social bug this semester...most nights you can find me in my room studying or reading and going to bed before midnight. i just turned nineteen and i feel old. i mean, i don't think of the people older than me as old but me, personally, don't feel old enough to be nineteen, turning twenty! Sorry for not putting pictures up for so long. Both my parents got a facebook account making it so they just look at them on there! it is great! A kid was looking at my computer the other day though and he was so surprised at how much space on my computer was filled up with pictures. i just laughed. it has been sad saying goodbye to so many people. Hanging out with pretty much all guys in high school was great but it is terribly sad when they all leave to go on their missions! We're so proud of them though! You guys are awesome! i love my family. that's all there is to it. They are some of the most incredible people i have ever met! Not only are they hilarious but they have strong testimonies. mom bought me pink onesie pajamas for my birthday! Best gift ever! =0) i love my roommates too!! holy cow, are they amazing! They kidnapped me the other night for my birthday and it was one of the funnest things i've done in a long time. Thanks to them!
Overall, i am still loving life...learning new things each and everyday. Try to be happier. it has been my new goal and i'm enjoying it.
Until next time, peace and love.
oh. and i forgot to mention...we're going to CALIFORNIA in two weeks! HELLO SUNSHINE!

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Lisa said...

Sounds like life is good! I'm glad to hear it.