Monday, August 11, 2008


time. right now i feel as if i'm digging my heels into the ground trying to make time slow down. summer is almost over, and i still have not done most of the things i've wanted to or should have done. yet, i've experienced many wonderful things this summer. so many mixed feelings i'm not sure where to even begin. as i watch the last hours of this wonderful season slip through my fingers i am sad. sad to be leaving behind family and friends. sad to not have adventures i had planned. but, i feel so excited. excited for a new adventure, an unknown future ahead. i feel anything is possible. so as i dig my heels in i have a few pauses, a few times when i sprint ahead in full speed to achieve my dreams.
time. if only there was a way to pause..just for a while. but then i realize, life would never end because all the good times would last for ever. then the thought of heaven is beautiful. we will have forever, and be happy. i only wish, that right now, i had a way to spend time with everyone i love. to tell them how much they mean to me. to tell them how they have changed my life. to tell them that i love them.
time. what a gift.


Emily said...

Digging your heels into the ground? YAW! I know whatchya mean! These last three days have been hectic with finishing up working, finishing a summer homework assignment, packing, and last-minute hanging out! You know about that one, haha. We missed you today... I did the most, naturally. :) I hope you're having fun in Bear Lake and I'm now going to steal some pictures off your blog because you never sent them to me, haha. Love ya!

Lisa said...

Get used to that feeling . . . just wait til you have kids! You are so excited for them to grow and learn, but you want them to stay babies forever. But the important thing is to recognize and appreciate all the great times- you do a great job of that, Ashley!