Sunday, August 31, 2008

CoLLege is...

Well i'm officially a college girl now. it's definately crazy!!

i moved in on wednesday and have had so much fun! i miss my family and friends a lot, but i love technology and being able to stay in touch with them!! My roommate, Hilary, is such a fun girl. Oh my gosh, she makes me laugh so hard and we get along great!

So far we've had a dance party with these boys every night! ha ha ha. We randomly met them the other day, kind of on accident, but they are so awesome. Last night after we did some sweet dance moves we talked for hours about the coolest things! The people here are AMAZING...and so smart. Sometimes i just feel really dumb. ha ha ha. They know crazy, random information.

i was really worried about coming and what it would be like...but everyone is in the same boat, making new friends, living on their own for the first time. it's a blast to figure new things out for yourself.

i love the girls on our floor, and our ward seems like it will be awesome once we get to know everyone!

Basically, i guess college is good so far. BUT classes start tuesday...ha ha ha....let the fun begin!

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