Monday, September 1, 2008

the college scene.

Welcome to the DORM!

First BYU Volleyball game vs. USU.
Hil and i with Brigham!

FOOTBALL!! ...our seats are so great!

This is our "Go Green" bucket. ha ha ha.

Sunday Dinner! We had fun...


Lisa said...

Ah, memories. My shelves in college looked like that too . . . for the first day, anyway. Glad you are having such a great time! Go Cougars!

Cool Mom said...

Nice pics! What did you have for dinner besides pizza? Nice seats at the game with all you friends. It's nice to see that you and Hilary are getting along with "Brigham" so well...ha ha! Good luck in your classes. We love and miss you!

smashLey said...

mom. clearly in the picture you can see we had pizza, mac and cheese, string cheese, apple sauce (apple for hilary) and trail mix. ha ha ha. great fast sunday dinner..oh, it was our fast sunday! well, love you lots too and i'll talk to you soon!

Kim said...

Ah the dorms. So great! When I was there i had the bed behind the door too! Glad you're having fun!