Thursday, May 15, 2008

Choir Tour - DAY 3! ...and 4!

This was just a crazy cool picture of Erik! He ROCKS!!

i touched a StarFish!
...and a Sting Ray! That was really quite strange!!


Don't look you may be converted to Shamu-ism. "Duh, duh, duh- SHAMU SHAMU!" ha ha ha. Don't worry about it if you aren't getting it....
it was hilarious though, they played this really cheesy song that was supposed to be inspiring- it was fantastic! "Shamu makes me want to be a better person!"
Another beautiful flower!

We got to sing at this Mission. it was actually really neat!

Sea Port Village! ...ate the weirdest burrito of my life there.

Yeah...i love cool hats!

DAY 4- Hollywood.

it was actually Barbara Walters star...we just covered the barbar and the s, and it became me!

HA HA HA! They had a Sauce Policy at McDonald's!!

Hollywood. i actually didn't really like it there....a bit scary!

oh man....we have too much fun. =0)

AND the LA Temple! ...although we missed out on Wicked (which i get to go see in JULY!!!) we had the coolest experience at the Temple! Unfortunately my camera died and this was the only pic i got.

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