Monday, May 12, 2008

Choir Tour - DAY 2!

San Diego Zoo!
i used to LOVE Koala Bears!

How would it be to have a nose that long?!
Parker Caywood, Mercedie Sperry, Sarah Furniss, Me, Jared, and Kayla

Jared and i with the, i actually don't know. Ha ha ha!

Me and my mother! Just want to give her a little tribute...Sure do love ya mom!

They have the most AMAZING flowers in California!! Oh my WOW! i think people started getting annoyed because i was taking more pictures of the flowers than anything else....
Kayla with her new found Gorilla friend.
THE BEACH! (oh, we did do a little singing in between there...)
Us girlies at the beach! it is probably one of the greatest places on earth!
Kayla and i.

it is so beautiful! i'm gonna live there, for at least part of my life.


Lisa said...

Those pictures are great!

Kim said...

That picture of your friend Erik looks a lot like Addison. Crazy!!

parker said...

ohh what fun that trip was, I am so in love with you Ashle!