Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Crazy Little Thing Called Life...

Here is my April and May: This is the coolest choir music ever! ...too bad we aren't performing it. =0(

Beautiful tulips. Oh man- 2 words- DI ROCKS! i suppose that is technically 3 words.

My cousins stayed with us for a week while my uncle was in india! it was way fun!

Spring Fling Dance. it was Black and White themed. i went with my good friend Jared and Kayla went with Tyson.

We were playing this and it totally reminded me of Princess Diaries 2! i'm such a nerd, i love it!

This was our group! Analee, Parker, Kayla, Tyson, Me, Jared, Sydney and Matt! SO much fun!
Add and his friends thought they'd be cool and shave...way gross!

State Choir bus rides are the best! =0)

...my point exactly!

Stake Dance... mismatched theme. They wouldn't let me in with my swimsuit on. =0(
i love this picture cause i have some creepo face, Kelsy is bustin' a gut, and that kid is totally checking me out. ha ha ha.


My mom was looking at these the other day and thought they were from like Middle School! ha ha ha.

State Lacrosse. We unfortunately lost, but good job boys!

Other great things:
We rollerbladed about 30 blocks the other day from 106th South to 135th South. Ha ha ha. And i only almost died once when i couldn't stop and went flailing through the intersection. Luckily...no cars! Oh, and i biffed it once. That was funny too.

i get to go with my cousins to Boston and Washington DC this summer!! And also to NY and then drive home through all the Church sites with my family! it'll be awesome!!

School gets out in about 2 weeks. i'll put up some graduation pics soon.

Everyone have a superb day!!!

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Lisa said...

You always have such cute pictures. Hey, if your family travels through OK this summer, stop by and see us!