Monday, March 17, 2008

BYU, here i come!

Well, it's true, i'm going to BYU. Yes, to all those who have known me bascially my whole life find this much of a shock. i was born and raised as a Utes fan, that is where both my parents graduated from. But you know, i'm converting...slowly. i'm fine with just about everything, except for that one game of the year. i'm sure one day things will be different, but for now when i wear my BYU attire i secretly wear my red socks. it's crazy to think that i only have a couple months of high school left!! Things will be really different, which is scary but also exciting!
Here we see the support of my brother. Let's just say that he always went for the opposite team the rest of us were cheering for. If we wanted the Jazz he wanted the Bulls, we wanted the Utes he wanted BYU. Way to stand out Add! (...and his hair isn't generally like this, but one night we were a little bored.)


Lisa Monks said...

YAY Ashley! Congratulations! I'm proud that you'll be a fellow Cougar!! Seriously, you will have a great time at the Y. Say hello to Provo for me.

Emily said...

YES! We are almost there, Ash! A couple months, a few AP tests, slap on a few cords for graduation, and WE'RE OUT!!
But after that is when your real struggle begins ... You had better wear your red socks EVERY DAY down there for PROTECTION!