Saturday, March 22, 2008

Captain Polaris and the Little Mermaid

Oh...let me just start out by saying my family is so great! As you read this, you may think we are strange, but we just laugh and laugh. We spent a day up in Bear Lake for Spring Break.

Here we see "Captain Polaris", at least that is what he began to be called after one round on the snowmobile. Yes, that is my father in the sweet hat i gave him for his birthday.
Well, he had his ups and his downs...i unfortunately received part of the downs!

But not to fret, i got my revenge!

These are two of my cousins and my uncle. It was my clever uncle that came up with all of our nicknames this weekend.

After this i was called the "Little Mermaid". My mom and cousin buried me...then my dad and uncle said i looked like a mermaid. So what else would i do? Sing of course: "I want to be where the people are!" Yeah, from then on i was asked if there was a Disney song that related to anything i said.

Here is Katie and me making snow angels. Although i was dreading to spend more time in the snow, i had a fun time! Plus i got to watch tons of March Madness and take naps...what more could you want for spring break?!


Emily said...

Well, you may be called the Little Mermaid, but all I saw today at church was a flaming red DRESS, not flaming red HAIR.

Zach said...

Yeah and no shells :)

smashLey said...

Zach, you know what that reminds me of? The picture we drew in that "wonderfuL" english teachers class in 10th grade (i'm so traumatized still i can't even say her name!) But anyways, the picture with the modest mermaid, and the whale getting harpooned, and "Bye Mr. Norwall!" Ha ha ha. i still have it, it's on my corkboard wall. wow, good times.