Wednesday, May 16, 2012

life has been a little crazy.

last week included a meltdown in the target parking lot for at least 20 minutes over a dress.
umm. yeah.
and i'm getting married in a week. a WEEK.
my brain is in a thousand places at once.
i fall asleep saying my prayers every night.
and i haven't woken up on time once this week.
[little bit worn out.]
i taught a college class. whoa.
i have canker sores like crazy.
[if anyone has any suggestions please give them to me. they kill.]
there are still 100 [exaggeration] errands to run.
hilary comes to town friday.
with more people i love coming next week.
the sun is shining bright and it's been perfect weather.
and man, am i happy.

*no promise on consistent blogging. but a full update will come. sometime.


aubrey jo said...

swish warm salt water in your mouth everyday until those cankars go away! i get them alll the time and that usually works for me!:)

Brissa said...

you're going to be such a beautiful bride!!! this week will fly by. good luck with all your errands!!

Ali said...

no way i got cankars right before my wedding too!! i had like 13 in my throat and they turned into a full on sickness that was terrible so i tried everything too! a few things helped though but i don't remember what they were called. i'll ask my sis-in-law and let you know! it was some sort of pink stuff i think that helped numb them. also, they gave me legit pain killers and those helped of course :) i know this sounds weird but it may be your toothpaste combined with stress. something about the whitening in it. ahh i'm so so sorry! they were the worst.