Monday, May 14, 2012

best of the best.

i've had a lot of good days in my life.
but this past weekend was the best of the best.
starting with going to the temple.
and i had so many people there with me who i love.
i've never been happier in all my life.

on sunday i got to celebrate with my mom [and family.]
and i just love her.
the best part was finding the sweatshirt my dad made her when i was little.
it says, "i love my mom."
with a cute picture of myself. ha.

and not only that, but we got to talk to addison.
it was the best phone call ever.
my favorite was his story of "breakdown corner."
it goes as follows:
add had only been in canada for about 4 days.
he had been doing some contacting on the street and he was a little frustrated because everyone he met was a crazy.  
he finally went up to a man and asked him about the church.
then add decided "i'll talk to him about eternal families."
so he pulls out his scriptures where he has a picture of our family.
right then and there he lost it, just started bawling to this guy. 
right underneath is a picture of me and derek.
addison told us, "i couldn't even introduce you guys.  i finally pointed to the pic of ash and derek and whimpered out 'this is my sister.'
and then, i just walked away."
we laughed so hard.  
then he went on, his other companion who had just arrived with him went and knocked on the next door and was crying before he even said his name
from then on, they call the place "breakdown corner."

and to end it all, i had the coolest EVER conversation with derek.
we both cried.
[also, we're in the single digits people.]

best days of all my life.


jilly said...

i am the luckiest mom!!!!!
i have an amazing daughter, son, and soon to be son-in-law! (that sounds wierd to say..haha)

Haylee said...

Aw man congrats. I'm so glad you had a good experience. That makes me even more excited for mine.
That sweater is amazing. ha I really want one now!