Wednesday, April 11, 2012

week wrap-up.

here's what the past week and a half has looked like:

-first teaching interview.
[half way through i realized "oh my gosh. this is for like a real life job."]
-a few emotional break downs.
-passed the PRAXIS. [fist pump. 100 times over.]
-dress hemmed. belt finally came in.
-announcements almost made.
-last CougarFACS activity.
-the first nap i've taken in forever. [because i had so much time for one...]
-waking up on time on a friday morning accomplishment.
-sharing a thought in class. [big deal.]
-homework up the wazoo.
-eating out far too much.
-stress dreams. like in my dream it was culturally acceptable to marry your siblings. so i had to choose between my brother and derek. believe me, i woke up a little freaked out too.
-an incredible easter sunday.
-clothing swap success.
-sitting in the park for 15 minutes because the sun was shining and i needed a break.
-8 hours straight [except for dinner] of writing lesson plans.
-and still not realizing that i'm actually almost done. forever.  [maybe.]

sorry i've failed at blogging. the end is in sight.

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