Thursday, April 12, 2012

first real date.

a year ago i was at work and got a text.
"don't eat dinner, we'll get something tonight."
does this mean it's a date, i wondered?
i can still remember what i wore.
my pink flower top and marlee's grey sweater.
he picked me up and we went to home depot.
i needed something for a project and he knew the place well.
then he took me to in'n'out.
we sat in the far corner by the window.
i had a burger and a shake.
he wasn't feeling well so we started to head home.
a quick stop at macey's.
but he felt bad dropping me off early.
so we drove around and looked at houses.
just talking with him was my favorite.
back home by 9:30, and i don't think he even hugged me.
but it was well worth it.
i was living a total dream.

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