Wednesday, March 7, 2012


due to my current relationship status, i am almost always over at derek's.
which means, his roommates almost feel like my own sometimes.
[in a non-weird, totally fine way.]
for example, i was laying on the couch with a headache the other day.
they wrote me "the headache song" and it instantly went away. [i wish. but it rocked anyways.]

so last night we got on this topic, and i don't even know how.
one minute derek was dying on the plains,
next thing i know they are all running out of their rooms telling me what they have to offer.

"i offer joy" said braxton.
 "i offer...happiness" said stephen.
"and i offer, a shovel, a horse, and some pea plants" said casey.

they told me i had by the end of the night to decide who i'd pick, and the survey would be on their fridge.
[and this is what was found.]

you better believe i was laughing pretty hard.


jilly said...

you know you can't choose one until i meet and approve of them...haha

Amy said...

ok. that's hilarious!!! but seriously, just don't let Derek venture out onto any plains and you should be good.

Bethany said...

Ashely, I'll take one of them off your hands so you only have to pick from two. That's how good of a person I am.