Monday, March 19, 2012

life is for learning.

i've had some realizations as of late.
sometimes i'm the kind of person that worries a lot.  i usually assume the worst thing possible, especially in medical situations.  [like the bump on my head? ...the doctor said it's not a big deal.]  i'm working on it.  less worrying. more faith and trust.  more living in the moment, less worries about the future.  because i know that i will always be taken care of.  
i learned that when i have questions, i should study it out.  not just sit around and think about it.  that doesn't bring answers - searching for the answers does.  and then write down what we learn. that's how we remember. and it's there for us to look back on.  dive fully into learning.
i've learned that sometimes we will experience things we don't necessarily want.  and sometimes we will feel so silly that we are so affected by things that would seem so insignificant to others.  but these are real. they are our own struggles.  and we will learn from them. sometimes when i pray i want to ask for nothing bad to happen.  that i will be happy and healthy.  and that everyone i know will be okay.  that covers it all basically, right?  but i've learned we can't avoid all things.  that hard times will come.  just as they have in the past.  but i was reminded that it is my choice how i respond.  i can choose to be happy.  and i can't become the person i want to be without these learning experiences. 
i also learned that i can choose to be in love with derek every day.  i don't have to let the world tell me that things most likely won't work out.  because it can and will work out.  our relationship doesn't have to be like anyone else's.  it's our own.  and we are choosing to be happy and in love. 
i was reminded that i have been blessed with so many good people in my life. good friends. good examples. [i wish i could name you all one by one.]   and i have the opportunity in life to be touched by more friends and more examples.  as i reach out to others i am blessed by their goodness.  don't be afraid to talk to others.
isn't it wonderful that life is for learning? 

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