Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 in review.

this is what i looked at every day in 2011.
pictures with some of my favorite people.
and reminders of my goals.

let's recap:
1- keep a budget every single month.
i wrote down my plan. and never really kept track.
this should probably be worked on still.
2- make a really good friend by being a better listener.
i was able to make some awesome friends.
like living with amy this summer.
so glad to have become friends with her.
and through my new calling i was able to make some good friends. really talk about the needs of others.
what a great thing.
3- have a theme of the month and do something cool.
january: finish my blog book.
february: ultimate pen pal month.
march: you inspired me notes.
april: 21 days closer to Christ.
may: become great friends.
june: san diego.
july: "september third."
august: room make-overs.
september: find a balance.
/ bff kayla's wedding.
october: go to cornbelly's.
november: crafting. [cookbook and swimsuit.]
december: finals, hawaii, and christmas service.
4- read the entire conference ensign after both general conferences.
i completed the april conference ensign.
working on the november.
5- have a new adventure. [almost anything qualifies.]
how about dating derek?
or going to hawaii?
or having your best friends go on missions or get married?
or planning a ward camp out?
or living away from home all summer?
i think they all qualify.
6- double my amount of blogging friends [reach 64.]
i got to 69 by the years end.
you guys are the best. thank you.
and i even went to a blog party with kylee.
we definitely did some branching out. 
7- be more brave when it comes to dating.
check and check.
this includes my first kiss ever. for reals.
thank you derek asay.
8- participate in 3 sporting events or races.
i thought i failed this one but...
i ran a 5k with kayla.
i took a tennis class with addison.
and i bought a gym membership.
9- learn a new skill [like cake decorating.]
i took a pattern making class.
and cooking classes.
and swimsuit sewing class.
10- get really good at making a "menu" to rock at grocery shopping.
i still don't rock at grocery shopping or meun making,
but i learned a TON in my family meal management class.
i've got a start...
i'll keep working and one day i'll rock.
11- work extra hard to improve my gpa.
yes. best grades yet.

simple goals, but they challenged me to try a little harder. to be a little better.
2011 was a good year. and i learned a lot. a lot, a lot.
i welcome 2012, and expect it to be even better.

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memory said...

I wanna run a 5k. Never have.How long did you train before doing it? I need some advice.