Tuesday, April 5, 2011

to my peeps.

dear followers,
my march project was thanking the important people in my life.
[and i sure didn't thank enough people.]
but i feel like i can't leave you out.
thanks for caring about my silly stories and random life events.
thanks for commenting on my posts and saying "way to go!" when i do well on my tests.
it might seem like a simple thing but it honestly makes my day.
blog friends rock.
that means, if you are reading this, you rock.
[and if i don't know you yet, leave a comment so we can be friends.]
thank you all. honestly.
my love,


Sydney said...

awww, i love you! :)

Launie said...

You are amazing!! That doesn't even begin to say it. Everytime I read your blog I am so uplifted. You have an amazing love of life that I hope you can maintain throughout your life. To see how you express yourself leaves me breathles and so proud that I'm bursting my buttons. I think about the fun times we've had together and I cry tears of utter joy. We've always had a special bond since you were a baby and even though we don't get to spend much time now, I feel it is still there. I've just been watching some old videos of you and remembering what a cute LITTLE girl you were. Never forget how much I love you. NANA