Monday, November 21, 2011

we had a slumber party.

i got home right before midnight.
"ashley! put your pajamas on, we're doing massages! and having a slumber party!"
that's always a great thing to hear.
we got all ready for bed, sprawled a quilt across the living room floor, and turned on "pride and prejudice" [the kiera knightly one, of course].
laughing so hard and trying to create an un-awkward massage circle.'s hard with just four of us, you know.
laying there on the quilt, all of us watching the movie, was a good moment.
my roommates are so amazing. honest to goodness. i couldn't be more grateful for them.
and i love how much happiness comes from those simple moments.
there's something about watching movies late and falling asleep on the floor that brings a smile to my face.
slumber parties every night.

[roommates- you're the best.]

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