Monday, November 28, 2011

break. the thanksgiving kind.

a pre-feast celebration for family home evening.
and the roommates went to h&m, and i only left with one thing.

the day before thanksiving, we were playing tennis. outside. in shorts.
dinner with derek's family at iggy's.

coming home.
a late night talk with mom and add.
watching HGTV.
finding an all-time favorite new commercial.

meeting up with derek and heading to elk ridge for dinner at his grandparents.
laughing hysterically. [honestly.]
a ride or two on derek's new four-wheeler.
a lovely conversation about what we're grateful for.
dropping me off in the walmart parking lot. [classy. ha.]
watching "tangled" with the family.
a prayer of simply gratitude.

pinterest breakfast.
working on the family calendar.
turning on the christmas music.
raking the leaves and putting up lights.
the only picture i took all break. [ridiculous walter hats.]
dinner at outback.
talking to derek on the phone.

attempting homework.
working on my talk for church.
making chicken parmesan for dinner.
derek coming up.
putting up the christmas tree.
[the clowns vs. angels battle continues.]
going to macey's.
a late night chat. the good kind.

getting my talk over with.
inventing the best smootie of all time with ciera.
cuddling on the couch.

it was just a great break.
so good i didn't even have time to blog all week.


Amy said...

dang, you gave a talk and I missed it! I'm bummed! But I bet it was great! Sounds like you had a great break... I missed ya! :)

kylee said...

that car commercial really is the best. i want to go on a road trip right this second just so i can re-create it. dinner at derek's grandparents :] i love this life of yours right now ashley! ahhh four-wheeler ride! i don't know what my deal is but i have been wanting to ride a four-wheeler so bad lately. weridest thing ever but i just really want to.