Tuesday, August 30, 2011

in recent news.

-derek got the job teaching at the mtc.
[woot, woot.]

-managing relief society - day one. success.

-the new roomies are awesome.
[and they cook allll the time. so good.]

-so what if our "pam" expired in 2009?
[it now makes sense why it smells like play-doh.]

-take ciera to the temple for a good laugh.
[she accidentally does really funny things there.]

-i forget how many people actually go to college here.
[is it bad i like it when no one is around except the efy kiddies?]

-one specific goal for each class. written down.
 [please let this feeling last.]

-amy is hilarious. that's all there is to it.
[dead serious.]

-i craved that donut for over a week.
[thank you derek.]

-got nailed with a volleyball at ward fhe.
[everyone starred but i just laughed it off.]

-my girl, marlee leaves tomorrow.
[remember, she's heading to madagascar!]

-sometimes i forget that school means homework.
[here's to reading every.day.]

and that, my friends, is recent news.
[more details on this week/classes to come.]


Megs said...

i am so surprised how many people are an campus, too! they're like a zillion.. how did we forget how busy it was? i kept overhearing people saying things like, "hopefully less people will be coming to class in a week," and "in a week there won't be as many people." made me laugh.

i love that you wrote a goal for each class. inspired me; i think i'm going to try.

Libby said...

Thinking of you getting hit by a volleyball makes me laugh - - only because I love you though.

I am so excited for Guru's tomorrow!

kylee said...

sometimes i forget that school means homework too. and then i put it off because i still think my social life is more important. and the i regret doing so and spend the week stressing. and then i finally figure out that homework trumps hanging out but not until the last two weeks of school. okay over exaggeration. i figure it out before then. lets just say i haven't figured it out yet. hence my blog stalking instead of book reading.

Amy said...

i love all of this!