Monday, August 29, 2011

first day of school.

the first day of school looked
like this.
[it's cool to still pose like a second grader.]

and this...

with a few things like classes and work in between.
[they rocked.]

it was really just a great day.


kylee said...

my favorite is that you have a first day of school photo. i was trying to take one of myself but failed miserably. the joys of having roomies to take pics of you. what classes are you taking this semester!?

marlee.patrice said...


Brissa said...

you look so cute! and your first day looks like a giant success!

jilly said...

When u get married some day and have kids go to school, u can take a pic of them and then of u on the first day of their school year....haha
Love ya and the cute pic!