Wednesday, July 20, 2011


summer is flying by.
it's great because i am loving every day.
but that also means summer is coming to a close.
and i still have so much to do.  fun stuff i want to do.

last weekend me and bff kayla slept on her tramp.
we both cried.
those "we're growing up" tears.
it's happened before in the costco parking lot on my 18th birthday.
i don't doubt for a second we'll be best friends forever.

back to sleeping on the tramp.
if you want a good time just hang out with kp.
but really, i think i got a six pack that night from laughing so hard.
and just so you know - it's illegal to put a 26 cent goldfish in any bowl smaller than 10 gallons.
trust me, they might call animal services on you.
because goldfish die from ammonia. or pnuemonia. or something-onia.

it's been rather humid lately.
the other night derek came over. [surprise.]
we were discussing the above mentioned humidity.
he said, "your hair didn't stand a chance today, did it?"
you can imagine the look i gave him.
he said, "OH NO! i didn't mean it looks just always say it's crazier when it's humid!"
we laughed pretty hard.

my favorite things as of late are:
otter pops.
hgtv's design star.
and counting how many times derek says "okay, i'm really leaving this time."

my favorite [top five] holiday and my half birthday happen to be celebrated the same day this year.
you can be certain i'll be at the parade bright and early monday morning, ladders and all.
after the grandparents are treating us all to sizzler. 
and i might go to my first ever rodeo. maybe.

i bumped into my efy co-counselor spencer.
[the one that taught me everything i needed to know about efy.]
it took all the effort i had to not sit down and play games all lunch with his kids.
sometimes i still miss those days. like every time i see them. which is every day.

when i grow up i want to be a mom.
i'm reminded of that when i make dinner.
sew some fixer-upper projects.
and especially when i realize i don't love working "full-time" in an office.
[i love my job, yes. but not forever.]

i'm so not ready for school to start.
please let this month feel extra long.

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Kimberlee said...

I loved this blog post. It made me smile. And sleeping on the tramp...why haven't we done that this summer. Thanks for the reminder. Next week the gang and I are sleeping on the tramp.