Thursday, July 14, 2011

emotional instability.

sometimes as girls we get hit at random times with too many emotions. all at once.
and we claim the title "emotionally unstable."
[libby. remember that one time?]
well. last night was one of those times.
it all started with me being a little more tired than normal.
followed by derek telling me this very sad story.
i kept myself together though and we played some tennis.
afterwards we went to get slurpees. and i really had to use the bathroom.
i went to open the door at 7-11 as any normal bathroom-goer would do.
and it quickly got slammed in my face. by a male.
to my embarrassment and shock i hurried and walked over to derek.
beet red.
and said, "let's get our slurpees and go."
my embarrassment level was through the roof.
so that's what we did.
next stop - just go across the street to smith's for bathroom use-age.
it was the closest thing.
already on edge i worriedly said, "wish me luck this time..." as i walked into the women's restroom.
and as soon as i walked in i saw another man. a smiths employee emptying the trash.
i turned to walk back out until i thought 'i really need to go.'
so i turned back to him and said, "uhh...are you going to be a while?"
he looked at me and said, "oh. no. i'm so sorry, i'll leave now."
my bladder was relieved.
but when we got out to the parking lot i said,
"derek - i can't win tonight!"
i told him what had happened and we laughed. really hard.
until it turned into tears.
and then i was crying. and not just because i was laughing.
but because i'm a girl. and i was emotionally unstable.
and then he was concerned because i was crying.
so i told him that i was really fine and it would stop in just a second.
which it did.
until we started driving home.
we were almost back when i was in shock at everything that had happened and was laughing really hard.
derek says, "maybe you should pull over."
which i did.
and he said, "want me to drive the rest of the way back?"
i said yes.
he gets out of the car to trade me seats and i went to just climb over.
in the process i kicked my slurpee straw and it went flying out the door.
that was the climax.
i began laughing again. which led to more tears.
and i looked at derek and cried some more.
i finally got control of myself and said, "sorry.  really, i'm fine."

when he dropped me off he said, "i think i should write in my journal about this. it will probably be funny to look back on down the road. the first time i saw ashley lose it. over walking in on two guys and a straw flying out the door."

man, sometimes i just love being a girl. 


Stacy said...

I love you ashley. I started laughing and crying while reading this. Haha. Oh being a girl is fun, eh?

kylee said...

most relatable thing ever. minus the bathroom situations [sorry about that]. could i be any more emotionally unstable right now? laugh. cry. laugh. cry. crying for no reason at all and then laughing at how silly i'm acting. it's a never ending vicious cycle.

Libby said...

You are the best. Hands down.