Tuesday, July 12, 2011

"but i am the chosen one..."

this weekend i'll proudly wear my "harry is my homeboy shirt".
okay. so maybe i want to cry a little when i think about harry potter ending.

because of harry potter:
-me and hilly had late night chats about what our horcruxes would be.  who would be fred and who would be george. and even got free tickets to disneyland by simply making blankets while watching hp6.
-the high school buds played quidditch, and made butter beer [attempted], and dressed up in our best harry potter attire.
-i had my first real harry potter dream.
-midnight showings up the wazoo.
-there was even the time in fourth grade when i didn't finish the fourth book for a year because i got way too scared when voldemort killed cedric. 
-sometimes i didn't hang out with my friends because i read harry potter instead.
-i was hermione for halloween in fifth grade. and man, do i look good in a brown wig...ha.
-and i can't tell you how many times i've told people i'd marry harry if he was actually "the boy who lived."

well harry and crew, it's been real.
[but really, i mean, i still wish it was real.]

just for the record. i love harry potter. 


Brissa said...

i'm going to cry when it's over.

kylee said...

freak. just reading this made me want to cry. i can't handle the end.