Monday, April 18, 2011

today i:

-finished pattern making. bam. roasted.
-got this picture from dee dee.

 "i'm in the room trying to study and barbara is taking myspace pics of herself. rude much."

i laughed out loud at work. all by myself.
[yes, i sleep with a manatee named barbara. veggie tales reference.
and my roommates have been on this stuffed animal kick lately.  ask about donut-y, the donut pillow.]
-tried to carry a 4x6 [heavy] blocking board across campus.
"looking like a fool..."
until the nice girl offered to help.  she definitely deserves extra blessings.
-sold a book back and got $70.
guess what?  i bought it online for $47. boo ya.
-picked up a bridal guide as secretively as i could.
and then i read it in the library.
but i put notes behind it so it looked like i was studying.
[i feel like all of campus would judge me if they saw me.]
-found my dream wedding dress that i didn't know existed.
...and then i fell asleep in a comfy chair at the library.
-saw nick and talked to him for a while.
 and caught up with victoria.
-studied for two solid hours for food science.
-found out tax returns are a beautiful thing.
-heard a story about people watching marlee's mission call video on youtube.
i'm telling ya, she's the next video of the week star.

life is good.


Cecilia Warner said...

it was nice meeting you the other day at the blog party you're so sweet and cute {;

Sydney said...