Saturday, April 16, 2011

because having fun is always, well, more fun.

i've probably had more fun these past two days than maybe the whole semester.
oh yeah, and finals started today?
i'd give you the details but i really,
need to start studying.

run down version:
-temple trip.
-marlee is going to madagascar [MADAGASCAR!] on her mission.
-a review i day dreamed my way through.
-costa vida dinner/shoe shopping extravaganza with bff kayla and rapper boy.
-a dance party for stacy's 21st birthday.
-talking until real late.
-tennis with derek.
[which provided a nice start to farmer's tan 2011.]
-making peanut butter cookies and laughing with the roomies.
-my first ever blog party with miss kylee.
[providing many new blogs to stalk.]
-a ward egg roll party.
-plus i was invited to like 5 other things.
[that never happens.]
people, can't we have fun the rest of the semester?

okay. really. i'm studying now.

side note:  [mom don't read this.]
every semester i might think about how detrimental it would really be if i just didn't take my finals.
just saying.


jilly said...

no final taking means money back in our pocket after you pay us back for failing....haha

Brissa said...

i think about not taking finals too. aaaaaand i am SO excited to stalk you! next time we play, you'll probably be scared by how much i know about you. :)

Anonymous said...

i would love to not take my finals!! looove your blog. it's darling!