Wednesday, April 6, 2011

tender mercies.

running into amanda in the bathroom and having her tell me i can do it.
having a cell phone and being able to call mom when i'm having a rough day.
a kind compliment from a teacher letting me know i'm doing better than i think i am.
seeing stacy on campus and reminding me that i am happy.
a letter from mason liu with a sticker that says "i am a child of God."
talking to kayla on the phone and knowing that good things are ahead.
accidentally parking next to my cousin at the temple, and being thankful for his example.
lessons in class that were probably given just for me. 
having roommates come home and laughing off the events of the day.

i don't have a hard life, but every one has their hard days.
these are the simple occurrences that remind me that i am so blessed.

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