Tuesday, March 8, 2011

what a season.

it was my cougars last home game saturday.
meaning, it was jimmer and jackson's last game at the marriott. ever.
[we're basically bff's so i can call them by their first names.]
we headed over early for the last waiting of the season.
the team walked past and we all stared.
we played some bananagrams.

and took lots of fun pictures.

stunna shades.
the usuals. plus cousin haley visiting.
we're just super hard core.

we sat inside for a few more hours.
then, it was an amazing game.
our boys were back after a rough week.
it gave me hope back for march madness.
we're going far!

oh, and then we did a flash mob.
too much fun.
and we felt pretty cool.
please just watch it. like four times.

after the game they did a special presentation.
we won the Mountain West Conference championship.
and since it was the last game they cut down the net.
one by one they all took their turn.
then they let brandon davies cut off a piece.
and i could not have been happier.
[okay, maybe me and marlee even cried a little.]
it was a good lesson that we all make mistakes, and we all have to suffer the consequences.
but we still love them just the same.
[background: earlier this week he was suspended for the season for reporting himself for not keeping the honor code.  it was a huge disappointment and made for a rough week. but we kept at it.]

[jackson emery taking his turn.
at least once a game for the past three years i said,
"i wish he wasn't married..."]

thank you byu basketball for all the fun you've provided this year.
it has been most enjoyable.
yes, even the hundreds of hours of waiting that you took up.
i will forever love my cougs.

worn out.
[joey, me, marlee and martin at nick's after the game.]

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