Monday, March 14, 2011

this morning was awful.
i'd go into details but i'd have to start handing out lots of compliments.
[see this post.]
let's just say waking up an hour and a half late, plus having a boat load to do is no bueno.
BUT.  let me tell you why my day rocked.
my nice friend let me borrow the supplies they had run out of at the bookstore.
i knew what i was doing on my patternmaking test.
doing the dishes wasn't a hassle.
i cooked chicken and asparagus.
me and marlee showed up to fhe wearing the exact same outfit.
we did hula dancing movie skits for our activity.
amy made delicious fruit pizza that we cut it like pie for pi day.
my homework was coloring.
and we found the video of hilary singing "marry me ash-a-lee."
["love story" by taylor swift.]
then my roommates laid on the floor and laughed at ciera's "appalaiCHIN".
harder than i've laughed in months.

isn't it wonderful how a day that begins so bad can end so happy?


marlee.patrice said...

we also came up with the mounCHIN variety this morning.

Amy said...

I didn't even think about Pi day when I made the fruit pizza! I'm just glad I could accommodate the holiday!