Tuesday, March 15, 2011

gonna love today.

more school, less march madness.
vacation to sandy this weekend.
i want to sew 50 summer skirts.
"we are creating our own story."
a girl came in wearing my favorite jacket in 11th grade.
[even wore it in my school pictures. go get out the yearbook.]
if boy picks girl i'll be okay.
first time skinny belt wearing.
is blog stalking considered a hobby?
taylor swift love songs.
too much time in the card section.
clean underwear.
phone call with long-lost friend sydney.
sitting in the sunshine.
i might have changed my t-shirt four times.
muffins for dinner at 10.
now selling knee massages.
[ask marlee for referrals.]
brother: "if you're better, you're better. and you are better."
a pump-up conversation.
good night, my lovelies.

1 comment:

Diana Smith said...

I agree, 50 summer skirts would be so much fun to make!