Tuesday, January 4, 2011

new semester.

after a rough night sleep, i woke up ready to embrace the day.
i never sleep well when something big is happening.
and the first day of school is "something big".
[at least it always has been in my book.]
intentions are good, hopes are high, and the goals have been set.
i'm getting A's this semester, dang it.


Amy said...

Woo good for you! I was nervous I wouldn't get any sleep so I took a sleeping pill, slept for 9 hours, woke up drowsy, and its noon and I'm still drowsy... bah. bad decision. But I wanted to tell you I love your goals, I have similar ones! :)

kylee said...

hope you had a great day back at school!

Ashley said...

Hope your first day back was fabulous! :)