Monday, December 6, 2010


five hours of sleep.
finished a test and paper by 9 am.
decorated a christmas tree. 
the wonderful, amazing, incredible beehive bazaar.
[i should start leaving my wallet at home.]
 jazz game with cousin nick and roommates.
gordon hayward is my "nug".
[apparently it's a cool new word meaning hottie man crush thing?]
cram in the car.
dance party.
strobe lights.
five hours of sleep. again.
successful "santa's workshop."
love my cougar facs girls.
stopped by nick's.
basketball on their big screen.
kp got her wisdom teeth out.
saran wrapping at festival of trees.
talking with the bro and mama.
five hours of sleep. once again.
first presidency christmas devotional.
sitting by the lecheminant's.
looking at interiors on temple square.
sister missionary look out.
parking lot singing by ashley.
"don't ruin this moment for me."
ride home with nick in the crazy fog.
memorizing "the Living Christ" with deed's.

what a wonderful weekend it was.

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