Friday, December 3, 2010

pen pals.

today i was suprised when this had my name on it.
so i opened it up to see this.
 which included this.
 and this.
 and this.
 and this.
 and this.
 and this.
a lovely card that said,
"merry early christmas.
i figured you needed these to stay warm now rather than later.
love, kelsy"

now me and kelsy have been pen pals all summer.
she's the best pen pal anyone could ever have.
seriously, amazing.
but she has far outdone herself this time.
so, thanks a million.
you absolutely made my day.

man, i have the best friends.


jilly said...

what an awesome pen pal! i wish i had one!

Ashley said...

Awwh what sweet gifts! Love the socks and the coffee mug is adorable!

kelsy lynne. said...

luff you. :D