Saturday, December 11, 2010

this week...

dee dee said to me, "i like to slumber with you."
i had the best letter getting week of my life.
at the grocery store they were handing out cookies and i overheard a mom say to her daughter, "be careful not to drop that..."  a minute later i dropped mine.
me and marlee decided that "spinning through life" is probably the best choice.
i visited my sunflower field. [try it some time. when you get real stressed lay on the floor with your body spread out and imagine yourself in some neat place. mine is a sunflower field.]
i had a harry potter dream.  i was girl version of harry potter.  i got jealous when kylee said she had a dream about harry potter.  but then i had my own, and everyone was trying to get me.  i fought off bellatrix lestrange, even when the only spell i could remember was "accio", but it got her wand away from her.  and i had rented a sports car so of course mr. weasley wanted a ride in it.  for some reason we blasted sarah mclachlan...still haven't figured that one out.
i talked to lots of "long lost friends."
classes ended.
almost every single thing got marked off my list. 
i sacrificed going to the game and know i made the right choice.
cousin nick thought my boots were steel toed.
felt like high school hanging out with all the boys. 
jackie and i decided were having an event hosting business after our successful work party.
kaydee accidentally went around a round-about the wrong way. we laughed so hard.
i turned in my awful humanities paper and got 100 dollars selling my books back. boo yah.

this week was excellent. 
let's hope finals week is the same,
and then florida here i come.

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kylee said...

looove that we both had harry potter dreams. seriously. alsoo florida? jealous to the max.