Sunday, December 12, 2010


"oh come let us adore Him,
oh come let us adore Him,
oh come let us adore Him,
Christ, the Lord."
[oh come all ye faithful.]

"come, adore on bended knee."
[angels we have heard on high.]

we sang these christmas songs today at church.
the word "adore" really stuck out to me.
i thought about the things i adore.
my family, my roommates, my friends.
my life, my happy moments.
i thought about how i can to adore Christ a little more.
and as we sang, adore on bended knee.


nicole ...given said...

i adore this post.

kylee said...

love this ashley. i love when simple things like that can really change one's perspective. thank you for sharing!

m.estelle said...


thank you, ashley.

this is good stuff.