Friday, October 15, 2010

ten day challenge - day five.

day five - october 15

"when you look closely,
people are so strange and so complicated
that they are actually beautiful."

the challenge:  exercise for fun.
exercise for fun - choose a form of exercise that you enjoy, a form you wouldn't normally choose because it calls attention to your body.

why:  exercise is necessary for health, but we have turned it into a duty, obligation, and punishment - something we do to "make up" for the food we eat.  women are bombarded with media messages that tell us we can't run, swim, do yoga, or any number of things unless we have the "perfect" body.  we must stop waiting to achieve perfection and live our lives to the fullest - taking risks, trying new things, and utilizing the unlimited potential of our bodies.

journal: how did your body feel during and after your exercise?  reflect on the blessing of being able to move.

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