Thursday, October 14, 2010

day four: beautify the inner.

well, here's the deal.
i woke up sick.
and then didn't get ready basically at all before work/class.
so i figured i didn't have to spend time doing anything.
just kidding.

okay, so i did get ready later on in the day.
after my "inner beautifying."
i went on a run and was listening to some music.
but i decided to change it to the efy cd.
[i absolutely love it.]
on my way i decided to run up by the temple.
the sun was shining bright.
i thought about my life.
and i continued down the street i saw little girls playing in the front yard all dressed up.
i thought about having children and what i need to do to prepare myself.
i thought about what i really want in life.
family. the gospel. happiness.
these will come as i continue work on focusing on my inner beauty.
that's where it really counts.

walter family.
nauvoo, illinois temple.
june 2008.

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