Monday, October 4, 2010

take home messages.

if you missed out on general conference don't fret.
soon all the talks will be online, for watching and/or reading.
then next month they will ALL be in a magazine.
[the one we call, The Ensign]
i was reminded to have faith.
be charitable.
and be grateful.
to be a friend to those around me.
that simplicity is important.
and if i work on the basics first, everything will fall into place.

i am excited to read through these again.
after listening i always want to be a little better.
try a little harder.
and as i do this life will continue to be a little bit happier.

read back over the words of our leaders.
they are what guide us today.
and if we follow them we will be blessed.

[more on the rest of my fabulous weekend to come soon.]

1 comment:

Hilly said...

conference talks are incredible, because different people take out different things! I liked reading what you noticed because I pulled totally different things from conference.

I love you and I can't wait to see you :-)