Friday, October 1, 2010

a post to women everywhere... [part 3]

stephanie nielson is one of the most inspirational people i've ever met.
[meaning, i just heard her speak. but i would absolutely love to meet her.]
a woman who faced all odds.
who barely survived a plane crash, underwent lots and lots of surgeries, and couldn't recognize herself in the mirror when all was said and done.
she said it was hard, of course.
she didn't want to face anyone ever again.
her own children wouldn't even look at her for months.
but what she learned was that she is still beautiful.
that there is more to beauty than just what appears to be on the outside.
it's the inside, your spirit, your testimony.

"our beauty is a gift given to you by God. 
it cannot be taken away from you.
it's your spirit."

she loves her life more than anything.
she's realized what is really important.
she knows she is a daughter of God.
and because of that, nothing else matters.
her beauty shines because of that knowledge.
and her sharing that made me cry, because i know it's true too.

this was her challenge:
"you have beautiful worth.
find's not far."

i hope we all do this.
and remember,
you are beautiful.

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kylee said...

thank you times a million for sharing. i wanted to go to that so bad but wasn't able to. she is truly amazing in every way possible.