Sunday, October 24, 2010

happy weekends.

this weekend consisted of fall festivities.
the corn maze, pumpkin carving, and a football game.
i would love to jump on that "cornbelly" everyday for the rest of my life.
i burnt the pumpkin seeds hard core.
[but some were still delicious.]
and my parents came down for the game.
we were thoroughly soaked.
i told them they were better cougar fans than some actual cougar fans.
[both of them attended the U.]
these activites were filled with fun and great people.
i also got out my snow hat collection this weekend.
i just love them.
walmart had purple thermals, so i bought some.
they may be a little ridiculous, but man, are they cozy.
the cold weather makes me want to stay in bed under the covers.
sometimes it's a problem.
i ran nine miles yesterday.
at first i didn't want to go, but i started out.
and then i started running, and kept running, and kept running.
i went some of my favorite places.
and i only came home because i had somewhere else to go.
i think i'll be able to finish this half marathon.
[p.s. bff kayla broke her foot. no bueno.]
tonight i cooked chicken enchiladas and they were delicious.

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