Saturday, June 12, 2010


me and hil made a soccer bracket.
...ask us how much we even know about soccer. HA.
and how can soccer games end in a tie?
i am still really confused how the bracket even works out in that case.
this is my latest craft project.
the knit necklace.
basically really easy. take extra fabric, braid it, and wah-la.
[yes, i am really on the phone. it rang when i went to take this.]
 my parents are nice enough to turn our basement into a storage unit.
includes: all the roommates and matt's extra winter clothes and unneeded items. 
they could make bank if they started charging. haha.
have a fantastic weekend everybody.
if you have any good insights on the Aeneid and Odyssey let me know...


Libby said...

I la la la LOVE your new necklace. I also love your parents. They're so good to us all.

Haha, remember when I thought I was done packing... then you opened all my drawers and there was something in each and every one of them? good times..

jilly said...

we do make bank....we get rich with roommates and nephews to love.

Kayla said...

Since I donated the fabric... Can I borrow it? Just Kidding. It's so cool though!