Thursday, June 10, 2010

" [noun] a portion, division, piece, or segment of a whole"

part 1:
online purchases are so convenient.
in 4-14 business days (could you have a broader range?) i will have:
a new camera battery.
[including: a wall charger, a car charger, and an adujustable mini tripod. ooo la la.]
a new pair of jeans.
the white sandals i've been searching for.
a white zip-up hoodie.
and a scarf.
ALL on sale.
now we just hope they fit right?

part 2:
i wish writing papers was like writing on my blog.

part 3:
countdown items to note-
FACS conference: 6 days
Backstreet Boys live: 13 days
Nick Walter's homecoming: 17 days
EFY kids of my own:  25 days

part 4:
i've given up my previous book.
if you aren't interested after 100 pages i call it quits.
and i was finally able to get "the book thief" back.

part 5:
funniest thing i said yesterday, "you look like a dolphin with no arms."
i was being serious.
my roommates laughed saying, "dolphins don't have arms!"
it still makes me giggle.

part 6:
does anyone have any special waking up techniques?
i am in need of some really, REALLY bad.


jilly said...

do you have any money left? haha
and about that waking up problem...
try setting 5 alarms really, really loud!! haha
love ya!

kelsy lynne. said...

1. i read your dolphin comment and i thought,
"yeah, a dolphin without arms would be pretty funny..."
theni kept reading and was a bit embarrassed.

2. i'm so excited for bsb

3. and craft day.

kelsy lynne. said...

4. i'm reading the book thief too!
(we have the same life.)