Saturday, May 8, 2010

perfectly content.

i'm sitting at home on a saturday night.
call me lame if you want but i'm perfectly content.
so then i asked myself, when did this happen?
since when am i okay to be home on a saturday night?
i'm not exactly sure.
in high school i always had to be doing something.
party hopping.
hanging with friends.
doing anything, really.
it wasn't that i didn't like being home,
i just liked being out more.
things are different now.
i still love to be with friends
but it seems that i don't always exactly know what friends.
friends from home are all over the place, mostly on missions.
friends from freshman year are, once again, on missions.
friends from this year are mainly my roommates, plus a few others.
[who basically all were gone this weekend.]
that leaves me friendless.
friendless meaning:  i have friends but who are not currently with me.
but like i said, i'm perfectly content.


Libby said...

This basically sums up my entire summer. I don't go out like I used to and I'm generally with my family because I'm friendless. Meaning, my friends are all in Utah. The few I have, that is.

...Remember when we tried making friends that one snowy night and we failed? I was listening to song and it said the following: "So lets make a list of who we need. And its not much, if anything. Lets make a list of who we need, And we'll throw it away cause we dont need anyone. No we dont need anyone"

It made me laugh. I think it defines a lot of weekends we had together this past year.

kelsy lynne. said...

you forgot to mention that i'm stuck in california and it is incredibly tragic and you miss me terribly..