Tuesday, May 4, 2010

rather be crafting...

sometimes i wish i had nothing to do for a whole day so i could just sew.

i found out this is happening again this weekend.
and i cannot wait!
totally go! 
(if you are into this kind of thing...)
new location is thanksgiving point.
man...they have got the cutest stuff on the block.
it may be wise to leave your wallet in the car.

stuff like this makes me so excited for when i have my own craft boutique.
it will be similar to these shows but it will be open everyday.
[except sundays]
i'll have a cute little shop where local vendors can sell their beauties. 
i'm hoping this will help with my crafting withdrawls...maybe.


jilly said...

what time are you going? everything is happening on saturday!

Hilly said...

and i will make bracelets!