Wednesday, May 5, 2010

"on her mind"

great song by duncan sheik. 
here are the current musings in my head.
1. reading the Odyssey with marlee was the best idea.
she made different for accents for everyone.
it was quite entertaining.
at least for doing homework.
2. i just don't want to type up all about california right now.
but read here for some of the highlights.
it was amazing. hilarious. fun.
and just what i needed.
3. i miss participating in crazy kayla adventures on a daily basis.
4. single digits people.
5. sometimes i dislike growing up and having to work all summer.
i miss playing at the park.
or swimming lessons.
and chasing the ice cream truck.
6. conference issue come out soon?
7. i may or may not have intentionally had plans...
i almost feel bad.
but i shouldn't.
because i really did have plans.
8. just one missionary letter. please?
9. i still have two coloring books in my backpack.
just in case.
[stop judging me.]
10. i get distracted real easily.
but at least i have ideas for my kids names.
and designs for a house.
...thank you boring professors.
12. i want a new talent.
any ideas?
13. counted today,
only about 7 buildings left on campus to sleep in.
14. nacho libre cinco de mayo party.
15. note to self:
when feeling light headed just walk away.
16. "The future is as bright as your faith."
-Thomas S. Monson
17. man, life is good.
keep smiling.

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kelsy lynne. said...

in my head i said, "single digits for what?" pahaha. no worries. i soon corrected myself.