Tuesday, March 9, 2010

weekend ramblings about friendship.

well, it seems i still have more to learn about friends.
this weekend i was reminded how precious friendship is and the great things that come from it.
i ate dinner friday night with KP and we talked about everything.
old friends that i hadn't seen in a while reminded that i was loved and missed back at home.
and i developed a better friendship with another, which was quite fun.
hanging out at home always reminds me that family are the best friends i can ask for.
and my roommates that are my family when i'm away are always there for me.
a missionary friend sent pictures and told me thanks for being a friend.
friends from high school are always around for a good laugh.
then, another friend brought me flowers, just to say thanks.
more friends send a text, to let you know they are thinking of you.
and to top it all off, the fireside for the whole world, was on friends.

friends help you reach for your dreams.
they are there to give support.
they are there to listen.
and most importantly, they are there to love.
"you make good friends by being a good one first."
let's all be better friends this week.

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