Wednesday, March 3, 2010

another fantastic day.

oh march-you're so pleasant.
[minus that little scare you had with the rain...]
today i even sat on the porch and did crosswords with hilly.
and i blasted jay sean on my way to work, through my ipod of course.
and i even pulled out my spring/summer scarf. 
and i rolled my pants into capris.
and then i shopped online at work.
and i found lots of cute clothes to buy with my gift card.
and  i talked to my boss about working more hours during spring...she said yes.
and i played tennis with andrew.
and we got slurpees after.
and i went to DI with phil and roommate.
and we decided to make cut off jean shorts.
and they turned out most excellent. [mine. not phil's. just saying.]
and we blasted "come sail away" in the car.
and i went to macey's with marlee to get cookies and ice cream.
and we had ice cream sandwiches and listened to the fray.
and it looked like a sob story but we just want to listen to "heartless".
and so we laughed.
and then we door bell ditched treats.
and my friend told me they went to the doctor.
and i talked with libby about life in general.
and i got texts from all my family members.
and my high school besties.
and i drove with my windows down.

oh life, you are too good to me.
thank heavens for happiness. <3

1 comment:

Hilly said...

you are the happiest person i know. i hope to grow up to be you someday :-)