Friday, January 8, 2010

reality check.

you know those times when it hits you that something really will happen?
well, that just happened.
i am actually going to be a teacher.
i'll need lesson plans, and ideas, and preparation.
i'll have students.
i'll have the responsibility to teach them.
now that is an overwhelming thought.
until i read this quote...
Teachers universally say they go into teaching to make a difference.
You more than make a difference.
You ARE the difference." 

all day i've had a taylor swift song stuck in my head.
it goes like this, "i'm just a girl..trying to find a place in this world."
i think i've found mine and now i just have to work for it.
we all have a place. 
if you don't know where it is yet keep looking.'ll find it.


Lisa said...

Wow!! How did I not know this? What subject/age are you going to teach?

smashLey said...

i'm going to be a Family and Consumer Science Teacher (home ec) teaching high school. =0)