Wednesday, January 6, 2010


so uhh...i don't know what i blogged about previous to December.
i mean, i looked, but i just seem to have no ideas.
i'll just welcome you to winter semester 2010.
-we started off the semester with a semi-sad event.
the fort funeral.
it was time for our "epic fort" (see 2009 in Review post) to come down.  it provided many wonderful experiences, which we all talked about during the funeral.  wonderful service.
-i got this new rice cooker for Christmas and we made OATMEAL in it.
(yeah, who knew? ...i thought they were only for rice too.)
oh. and it was super tasty.
-My roommates and i are also perfecting some new might be seeing us in the next Provo circus. 
i'll keep you posted.
-i'm rocking my goals.  (so far)  i exercised twice.   
although....we did tae bo with billy blanks.  i am almost positive he somehow made my shoulder fall out of it's socket.  i couldn't move it yesterday.  it's fine now.
...and have i ever mentioned that i have a fond love of exercise videos?  you can't get me to run unless you beg and bribe, but pop in a dvd and i'm there. [it may be the cheesiness, and the inspirational music, and the fact that you can do it inside without leaving your house]
-AND i think i am going to enjoy my classes.
i. love. my. major.'s wednesday. and i'm not even living for the weekends yet.
have a great week everybody.
keep working on those goals.

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